Space Haven

Video Game

Space Haven is a spaceship colony sim published by Bugbyte

Space Haven was my second foray into the industry of video games. It was a pleasure to work with the Bugbyte team.

I had small role giving a voice to a character whom was lost at space, the player at some point in their play through will come across the journal like recordings of a man who was stranded on a broken station and slowly coming to terms with his impending demise.

I'm so excited with the opportunity to work in video games, as it is one of my favourite past times. And the teams behind these productions are comprised of incredibly talented and knowledgeable individuals who I can always learn something new from!

In this role I tried to put extra emphasis on physical activities the character was doing; winded breath, heavy sighs, and straining tensions all come with unique challenges on the microphone and I had to take special care around plosives and pops!