Voicing Audiobooks

Opening new worlds to explore

My approach to narration varies greatly depending on the type of text, and the wishes of the author or director. Many titles take a slower more even pacing and voice giving only slight hints of character differentiation, allowing the listener to build the world in more detail in their own mind. Others, want to paint bright and vivid characters to build an exciting and captivating world.

I take great pride and joy in being flexible and responsive with my creative partners. I never wish two books to sound alike (unless a part of the same series of course) and I hope future authors and directors see the value in this. Audiobooks are some of my most open performances, tell me how you would like it, this is your world.

My narrative work so far builds the majority of my portfolio, and I believe this is because I provide excellent value with the complete package service I offer. I do all script proofing, editing, recording, mixing, and mastering – in house, under one roof, and remotely.

If you have narrative work that needs a voice actor, don’t hesitate. Contact me today in the form below for a free quote or consultation.