Voicing characters in animation

In this delightful light hearted animation about a sunny village and all of its friendly anthropomorphized characters, I leant my voice to the studious wise librarian 'Mr. Owl'.

The title is still in the early stages of pre-production, but I thoroughly enjoyed following the direction of James Brown Jr. to create a warm and approachable older character that shares secrets and mysteries to the main protagonists of the series.

In this series I found challenge in creating a voice deep and resonant in tone, yet catching the friendly edge of inflection instead of projecting something too dark and brooding. For me, pushing the voice into a slightly more aged feel I think aided in toning the character more friendly. Slight huskiness and murmurs made Mr Owl feel more disarmed. These types of adjustments are key in not only defining the character in the appropriate light of the material, but also differentiating them from past works.

I hope to voice more animated characters in the future as seeing your creations move, walk and talk is something truly exciting!